Ithaca, written as Itaca in the Catalan language, is a shining Greek island that nestles in the heart of the Mediterranean. Full of history, romance and adventure and famous as the mythical home of Odysseus, the hero of Homers Odyssey. The tiny island invokes images of a different pace of life, far from the hustle and bustle of the 21st Century.

Catalan culture is both our root and inspiration. Itaca Restaurant & Lounge is therefore a reflection of our individual personalities and passions, supported by our extensive international back ground in hospitality and a keen interest in the combination of cultures and regional specialties.

A fusion of Asian and Mediterranean senses is our center-point and key to our standards. Using this foundation we bring something unique to Phu Quoc, breaking free from the traditional styles of business that currently dominates the island.

Taking our inspiration from the Mediterranean Islands and using the theme of white which represents purity, nature and freshness, we provide a destination on Phu Quoc Island that is for a new generation of travelers, seeking something more than your average restaurant or bar. The intention is to provide our customers with a stylish, relaxing and peaceful environment – preparing their senses for an elegant and highly pleasurable experience.

The focus of ITACA Resto & Lounge is ultimately ‘chill out’ at its core and stylish by its nature. A concept that fits perfectly with the island – a peaceful and relaxing destination that is the ideal location for balancing your thoughts and indulging your dreams.

The Itaca Team welcomes all of you on board.